March 29 2014 is Arduino’s 10 years birthday, also the World’s Arduino Day. In conjunction with the global celebration, SG Makers in partnership with IDA is organizing a whole series of events for Singapore Arduino lovers. And I was invited to showcase some Arduino projects.

Being not too much dedicated to Arduino, I have to quickly put up something demo-able. And since I’ve been playing with display devices often, I decided to make an Arduino graphics project. After two weeks, I finished my first Arduino game — FlappyDuino (thanks SG Makers William Hooi for inventing the name).

The project hardware is really simple. It only contains an Arduino Pro Mini, a ST7735 SPI TFT panel and a distance sensor (Sharp GP2Y0A21YK0F, which I used before in Project Crystal). I have put the KiCAD schematic, PCB and Arduino sketch code at Feel free to download and criticise my code.

Lazy me also think a video is worth thousands of words.

Happy Birthday Arduino!

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    • I can’t remember clearly for this one. But I usually save the image to binary file then use xxd to convert binary file to source code.


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