Final PCB

During a recent shopping mania I grabbed some old AMOLED screens at very cheap price. The seller is an electronics hobbyist. He is kind enough to provide an adaptor board that generates required bias voltages for the screen. Unfortunately the board uses 2×12 DIL header, pain in the arse for breadboarding. I realize this is a perfect opportunity to test drive my MF70 CNC for PCB milling. So I quickly fire up Eagle and create a DIL to DIP adaptor. Continue reading

Charger D ripple

Mobile charger has become one of the most popular accessories/consumables for smart-phone (thanks to Apple’s non-removable battery design). Being a heavy mobile internet user, I have accumulated several mobile chargers, ranging from top-of-the-line Energizer “Energi To Go”series, to homebrew single 18650 lithium battery¬†adaptor. All of them have proved to charge mobile phone well. But are they good enough to power testing circuits for lab use? I cannot have good confidence until I tear them apart and measure their performances. Continue reading

Finished relay board

I always admire those hobbyists having a machinery workshop in their garage. But living in Singapore government housing basically deprived me of any wild wishes of having my own. It is not until I found Proxxon Micro Mill MF70, I see a glimpse of hope. The reason I choose MF70 is not only because of its compact size and “reasonably” affordable price, but more importantly it being “CNC Ready”. I can imaging it would extremely useful for PCB prototyping and building cases or panels for my upcoming projects. Backed by the huge MF70 CNC community, I stated the quest for my first ever computerized machine.

Continue reading