Finished LA/PWM box

In a recent project I need a 3.3V PWM signal generator. Initially I think the fastest  way to do it is using an Arduino and write a simple program with analogWrite() function. But I’m too lazy to setup the breadboard… so I tried google.

Soon I come across a free software called “PWM Logic“. Supposedly it will turn Saleae Logic Analyzer into a PWM generator. An original Saleae Logic is somewhat too steep for my pocket right now. But I do have a cheap Chinese clone lying aroung. So I hook it up. Not surprisingly it does not work. Continue reading

Atten rework station AT8586

In Singapore where hobbyist are generally understood as Gundam models collectors or Tamiya cars racers, Sim Lim Tower is probably the only market place for electronics lovers. With four stories of retro-style retail shops which essentially selling the same vintage, it never fails to bring me back to the good old days. I sometimes do wonder how these shops survived. Maybe because of our curriculum for the final year project never changes since 1985, or our consumers are nostalgic by nature. But one thing for sure is that the shop owners are able to turn mediocrity into magnificence. When a LED light is selling at chocolate bar’s price, it is not too hard to understand how this market works. Continue reading